Nord Piano 5
Nord Piano 5
Nord Piano 5

Nord Piano 5

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The newest edition of the nord piano collection is available to hire at ESP. The new Nord features Nord's exclusive Virtual Hammer Action Technology and has a load of amazing features. 



  • 88-note Triple Sensor keybed with grand weighted action 
  • Nord Virtual Hammer Action Technology
  • Advanced Layering (2 Pianos + 2 Sample Synths) 
  • Advanced KB Split with optional crossfades  
  • Seamless Transitions
  • OLED display for excellent overview 

Piano Section

  • 2 independent Piano Layers 
  • 2x memory for Nord Piano Library 
  • 120 Voice Polyphony 
  • Creative Piano Timbre options including Dyno filter
  • 3 Dynamic Curves to suit any playing style
  • Dynamic Pedal Noise with Nord Triple Pedal 
  • Advanced String Resonance
  • Soft Release

Sample Synth

  • 2 independent Sample Synth Layers
  • 2x memory for Nord Sample Library 
  • Soft and Bright filters 
  • Unison for rich, ensemble sounds 
  • Tru-Vibrato for authentic vibrato 
  • Round robin for natural sounding repetitions 
  • Support for monophonic samples with legato 
  • Attack, Decay/Release and Dynamic controls


  • High quality stereo effects modelled after classic stomp boxes
  • Reverb with Chorale and Bright/Dark mode 
  • Delay with Ping Pong mode