Vox AC30/6 TB
Vox AC30/6 TB

Vox AC30/6 TB

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A Re-issue of the original AC-30, the AC30/6 TB control panel layout is the same as the original, even to the point of being back to front! A standby switch has been added to prolong the life of the valves.

The valve line-up of the AC30/6 TB is as follows: Five ECC83s and a ECC82 in the preamp stage, with 4 EL84s in the power stage operating in Class A, plus a GZ34 rectifier valve in the power supply, for that unique Vox tone and feel.

With a pair of Vox Celestion Blue Alnico speakers, this amplifier is the Vox sound and look reborn.

33 Watts RMS before distortion
6 inputs
Hi and low for each channel, Brilliant, Normal, and Vibtrem
Each channel has its own volume control
The Brilliant channel has Bass and Treble tone controls
A cut control acts as an additional tone for all channels
There is a Speed control and Vibtrem selector for Vibtrem channel
Dimensions (W x D x H): 705 × 265 × 550 mm
Weight: 32 kg
*Other Vox AC30 models are available on request